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Spok Brillor

Spok Brillor, one of the most relevant figures of the graffiti scene in Spain.
Born in Madrid in 1978, Spok began in this urban art at the beginning of the 90s. Soon he would make a difference by imposing his style on trains and walls, leaving evidence of his talent throughout that decade representing TBC crew. With the arrival of the millennium, he also turned to studio work for gallery and new media, although he never abandoned his experiments with color and shapes.
"My work is the result of a hectic trajectory, a multi-edged polyhedron, I often use figurative language, others abstract, but always maintaining the fantastic, humor and irony, both my murals and my paintings are the product of an internal dialogue with the urban space and the nostalgia for the original graffiti, "says Spok himself.
His creations are inspired by the city, explore empty cities or with few characters that usually remain in the background, they feed on the night and play with of light and shadow, resemble photographs but at the same time, find space to introduce fantastic elements.