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Senkoe's work draws from two sources: pre-Hispanic art and the world of dreams, reminding us that both come from a single origin: pure creation.

The state of enlightenment in which everything that is spoken, drawn or painted becomes a greater art work. In this way, his graphic retakes the delirium of textiles typical of Mexico - its shapes and colors - and the memories of a dream world that constantly vanishes.

Other sources of inspiration are the botanical illustration, literature, comics, as well as caricatures, cartoons, nature and the ocean. From them, Senkoe creates anthropomorphic characters, creatures of the unconscious, animals that come alive; they fly, rest and travel along a monstrous and beautiful Mexican identity.

These elements constitute what can be called a narrative graffiti that populates the global anonymity that has permeated our streets, as a result, his work stimulates the imagination of the passer-by with a kind of animal reverie.

This artist began painting, approximately, ten years ago. Throughout his career he has collaborated with brands such as Converse, Illegal Squad and with television channels such as Exa TV and HBO. He has also participated in urban art festivals and as a sensitizer in activities related to the teaching of graffiti to margined populations.

In the same way, he has been part of collective exhibitions of graphics and painting throughout the country. Senkoe studied pedagogy at the National Autonomous University of Mexico, at the same time that he enrolled in graphic design courses and artistic workshops at the San Carlos Academy. Currently, he is dedicated full time to paint interventions in the urban context as part of interdisciplinary projects in favor of the recovery of public spaces.