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Vigo, 1980

It is undoubtedly for many, one of the most influential figures and with greater personality within the urban art scene. We can say that he is one of the most respected and internationally recognized Galician urban artists.

Great connoisseur of drawing, line and color, graduated in Fine Arts from the University of Pontevedra, member of magazines such as Solotroles, Tronquis, and of various artistic collectives such as Los niños especialitos, Travismo, VSC, Hipoeructo, Ticket 500, He has developed his art in the survival of total independence dominating multiple artistic disciplines besides graffiti and mural painting: illustration, sculpture, installation, serigraphy, video creation, etc.

After a long career painting and illustrating all over the world in the streets of cities such as Madrid, Barcelona, Hamburg, Berlin, Mexico City, Tanger or London; having exhibited in museums and art galleries such as MARCO, Museum of contemporary art (Vigo), Subaquática Gallery (Madrid), Stolen Space Gallery (London), PoulsenGallery (Copenhagen) or Gallery Limited (Milan); of having participated in multiple events and exhibitions of Mural Painting. He has developed a unique and personal style, that its easy to recognize at a glance.

With his personal fauvist and tropical style, he has created multiple surreal worlds full of psychotropic characters that, paradoxically, bring us closer to very real and near dream universes. His humor wavering, sarcastic and absurd, riddled with sarcasm and double meanings, reveals deep and critical meanings about the world that surrounds us while making us laugh and understand how stupid we can become ....

His double appreciation for the abstract and the figurative, his particular mastery of color, while his taste for double images and trompe l'oeil, makes his art complex and fun at the same time, ironic and serious. Carefree and CHANADO, as he would say.