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Young and playful Cancun´s artist who has exhibited her work in Mexico, Canada, Spain, Cuba, Germany, France, USA, Belize and Brazil. Originally from Poza Rica, Veracruz, Marisol recovers the millenary expressions of joy and existence that are typical of the Totonac culture and from Veracruz people.

She studied graphic design in Monterrey (2001-2005) and her pictorial discourse has been developed by creating a language with her magical characters, who transform, disguise and fuse giving us a message about a world where social life undergoes a constant change, and evolves.

The multiplicity of elements of her imagination, full of symbols that emerge on the threshold of dream worlds, explain her vision of the world. Her work becomes prolific in 2007 and it has grown with a very identifiable expression. Her pictorial discourse has been developed by creating a language that comes from her reality and from her childhood memories; looking through hers father´s microscope she discovered new worlds so rich in form and with a new intention she produces in the current plane a third reality: her magical characters telling us that there are disguises in a world where social life undergoes through a constant change, evolves, grows and decreases.

Mermaids and animals are a recurrent theme in her work, placing them in a borderless space, endowing them with values and vital concepts such as duality and portraying the moment that defines love. Thus, Marisol becomes a multidisciplinary artist who, to express herself, can use any support: painting, mural, drawing, screen printing, engraving, illustration, design, digital art or sculpture.