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Mexico, 1977

"I think of my work as a game that connects personal experiences to the visual world of language, I started drawing and painting at a very young age, it was always part of me, entering the world of art with tools that in the beginning served as crutches. It has been a challenge that has resulted in a hybrid where my personal life converges, and the search for an exteriority that gives it a practical sense, where my essence can be lost in a pattern that matters, not only to me, but also to the rest.

The fundamental basis of my work is the empirical observation of the concrete facts around me; personal, social, political, scientific, global. The data or information that I gather connects them to a broader logic in which each one of them can be contained, in such a way that they will always have a coherence within a system. Find parameters increasingly broad where all ideology, current or way of thinking is included, is the most important contribution to which I can aspire.

Transmitting this through art is not easy, since art has been crystallized in an aesthetic function. Finding the broader purpose of art, as that which links our reality with its future potentials, is something that prevails in me.

I have developed my work in several disciplines, but mainly painting, drawing and murals. I have a Master's degree in psychoanalytic theory and art direction. I am also a self-taught artist and researcher.

The images that I create are always the answers to my questions. "

We are pleased to say that it is part of the zentik family, not only admire a work of art, come and stay in one, coming to valladolid yucatan to live the Zentik experience


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