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Farid Rueda

Farid Rueda, a Mexican street artist known for painting graffiti full of cultural references of his country. The way he describes these issues is not what you would expect: Rueda discovers new concepts to represent Mexican popular culture without turning it into a cliché. He is best known for his murals and other large-scale pieces, but he is also known for his smaller paintings.

Rueda was born in Morelos, his Mexican pride goes into these lands, so it is not surprising to see how much affection this artist has for his country. When the young Farid turned nine, his family moved to Xochimilco, Mexico City. This was the crucial moment for its development, since this transit meant that Rueda had much more art at his disposal.

Xochimilco offered him many more galleries and art institutions. He entered the famous ENAP (National School of Plastic Arts), but Rueda finally decided that he was not satisfied with the program and made a difficult decision: to leave without graduating. This meant that he could fully devote himself to his personal expression without interference. Around that time when he left ENAP, Farid met the famous artist Seher, who was the first to encourage him to pursue a career in street art.

Rueda uses several techniques when trying to achieve his artistic objectives. Naturally, as it is the case with many graffiti artists, he had to go through many media before being effective in painting walls: he mastered acrylic oil painting, drawing, watercolors and engravings. All of the above helped Rueda while he was developing his own personal style, especially the masterful use of color.

A signature of Rueda's work is a multi-colored kaleidoscopic pattern technique. He is also very prone to change and evolve artistically, an important feat for his opinion.

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